VGM267 Artist Series Vol 35 – Lenny Beh – Laughing Through The Pain


Album Description

There is nothing quite like the absurdity of life to either break a person down in despair or to make someone giggle uncontrollably knowing that we as humans are all born beautifully broken. This album contains feelings from cheeky children who seem to hold more wisdom than their caretakers to the awkward socialization of tweens learning to become adults, to adults learning that “adulting” is another word for being responsible. With the strings plucking, drum kit and bass thumping, piano and marimba tinkling, and glockenspiel and oboe twinkling, you will hear catchy heart felt tunes in the vein of the Beatles and Ben Folds. Program these tracks for the vulnerable awkward moments we need to laugh at while crying just a little bit.