Likes: Everything edible (especially ice cream), poker, and joking around with my wife and son

Dislikes: Unnecessary waiting, fear in all forms, and wearing shoes without socks

Favorite Food: Everything sold in 7 Eleven, but only the 7 Elevens in Japan.

Favorite Quote: Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Lenny started playing violin when he was two years old, or so he is told by his mother. Ten years later, he began playing the drums. By the time he graduated from high school, he earned enough money to buy a car and go to a local college from teaching violin and drums, playing violin in a quartet for weddings and events, and playing in a touring band signed to an independent label. After going to school for two years at his local community college and two more years at a university to “study music”, he decided to “take a break” from school to be in a band full time that was signed by a major label. After the band came to an end, Lenny returned to teaching and playing both violin and drums in indy bands and orchestra pits for musicals. He later discovered the wonderful world of composing and producing music for TV/Film and commercials and has been obsessed with the craft ever since.

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