Thank you for your interest in contributing to Velvet Green Music’s  social media campaign

For submitting artists, we have created a three (3) step process to aid in the creation of this content.

Please reach out to should you have any issues.


Each VGM album can only have one artist intro video contribution. Click the button below to sign up for a specific release.


You DO NOT need professional video equipment to accomplish this task. Phone cameras will work just fine.

Record In Your Native Language

We encourage all VGM artists to record their video introduction in their native or most comfortable language. If that language is not American English, we ask that you also include an EXACT written transcript of the video introduction (.txt | .rtf | .doc) in English so we can insert the appropriate subtitles. 


Rather than dictate a specific script to recite, we would rather you put the words together in whatever way you deem appropriate. That said, we request that you include the following information in your short video album introduction:

  • Greeting
  • Your name
  • The phrase “Velvet Green Music”
  • The full name of the album you are introducing
  • A short paragraph describing details about the release. 

(HINT: You can always reference the ‘ALBUM COPY’ section of the corresponding creative brief

  • Call to action via social media / contact
  • Closing remark


“Hello my name is Ian LeCheminant. I am a Velvet Green Music Artist.  Today we are proud to present our album ‘Dramatic Tension Vol 1 – Inherent Danger’. This release is collection of bespoke tracks designed for your next heist, crime or drama film. Lots of great pulses, pads and tension elements to help with your next project. For additional information on this release or any of our other our 150+ albums, check out the links in the description below. Please enjoy the album and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!”


Shooting Technical Requirements

  • Use your phone’s main camera
  • Please shoot your videos horizontally
  • Please shoot at least 1080p HD at 30fps minimum if possible. 
  • Be mindful of room noise (echoes, reflections, excessive body movement, busy streets and pets)
  • Use light (both natural/artificial) to your advantage. You will likely find that having your filming space lit slightly brighter than normal results in more optimal picture quality. 
  • Please monitor the audio level of your voice throughout the filming. As we are the business of professional audio, we expect to be able to hear you clearly on camera without distortion.
  • Be yourself and have fun! This is your chance to share your voice with the world. Be honest, be open and be present.

YouTube Tutorial

Click the button below for some additional helpful advice on shooting video.


Click on the button below to upload your Quicktime (.mov) video file.

All content, written and video are subject to editing at the discretion of Velvet Green Music. Velvet Green Music reserves the right to publish all, part of, or none of the content generated within.