New Releases – June 2019

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of 8 new albums for June 2019. VGM178 Classical Figures Vol 3 – Sately SalzburgVGM179 Solo Passages Vol 5 – CelloVGM180 Mysteries Uncovered Vol 7 – Amnesia
VGM181 Artist Series Vol 19 – Jan Pfitzer – Synthwave Underground
VGM182 Ambient Textures Vol 16 – Angelic Harps
VGM183 Science Fiction Voyages…

New Releases – May 2019

Today we are incredibly proud to announce the release of 8 new albums for May 2019. VGM170 Orchestral Fantasy Vol 4 – Pumpkin Patch VGM171 Artist Series Vol 18 – Zev Burrows – Diamond In The Rough VGM172 Solo Passages Vol 4 – Metal Pans VGM173 Orchestral Drama Vol 14 – Beaches of Normandy VGM174…

USC Screen Scoring Panel

Velvet Green Music creative director Michael John Mollo discussing how to begin a successful career in film music with current USC film scoring students.  A big thanks to moderator Christopher Young and fellow panelists, Bob Lydecker, Sherri Chung, Grégory Reveret, Kenny Wood, Holly Amber Church, Sarah Trevino & Cali Wang. – photo credit Peter Hackman

New Releases – April 2019

We are thrilled to be preparing 6 new releases for November 2018. Those are as follows: VGM162 Science Fiction Voyages Vol 3 – Planetary Exploration VGM163 Artist Series Vol 17 – Mick Utley – On | In VGM164 Gritty Industrial Action Vol 5 – Nuclear Radiation VGM165 Classical Figures Vol 1 – Early German Influence…

Happy Valentines Day 2019

From all of our artists and staff at Velvet Green Music to our clients friends, and families, we wish you a happy and healthy Valentines Day.  Here are some tracks steeped in all things love, family and devotion:

Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival – Winners 2018

A big congratulations to VGM artists Marco Valerio Antonini​, Joy Ngiaw​ and Peter Lam​ for being selected as winners for the 2018 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival.  These artists along with others will have their original film scores performed on Saturday, July 21st at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre by Helix Collective​ in collaboration with the Academy of Scoring Arts​. The performance also includes an interview with the filmmakers and composers with host Brian Ralston​, co-host of the SCOREcast podcast. Tickets for the event are available at the link below: