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Likes: Coffee, cold weather, traveling, going to concerts, movies

Dislikes: exaggerated sarcasm and heat waves

Favorite food: Italian and Brazilian cuisine

Favorite quote: “Music is the art of the prophets and the gift of God” Martin Luther

Vinicius Cavalieri is a multi-instrumentalist and film composer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, graduated in Film Scoring from Berklee College Of Music. Vinicius wrote the music for the short films “Paulinho, MJPOP/Visão Mundial”, “Meanings” and the feature length 2017 documentary “Pebbles Ripples and Waves: The Life And Times Of Gordon Hunt”, and is currently working as the composer and music supervisor for the short documentary film “Mud Refugees”. He is also a member of the internationally known progressive rock band “An Endless Sporadic”, playing guitar and keyboards.

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