Likes: Video games, great food, and repairing musical instruments.
Dislikes: Pointless Conversations, long lines, and contention without purpose.
Favorite Food: Buffalo Wings
Favorite Quote: Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down. – Hector Berlioz

Tyler attended and graduated from Snow College with a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis in Music Composition. Currently, he is the lead composer and operator of his company, Muscape Studios, and works as a freelance composer for any medium in his spare time. He has worked on two feature length films including ‘Lake 7 and the Golden Gun,’ and ‘Shadows of the Force’, and multiple video game titles including ‘Alone’, ‘Tornado’, and ‘Cuties Dungeon’. Tyler is currently writing music for music libraries and video games.

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