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Likes: Music, All Sports, Good Food, Meditation and time with Friends and Family
Dislikes: Nothing Really
Favorite Food: I see Food as culture, so I enjoy them all. Japanese and Italian are my go to.
Favorite Quote: Do what you love

My name is Turkhuu Bayasgalan, but everybody calls me Turk. I was born Russia raised in Mongolia grew up in the US. As a kid admired sound and music. I wanted to learn about the people who made these music and wanted to be like them in my way. Few years, before moving to the US with my family, My grandfather inspired me to go to Mongolian Music and Dance college the learn Horse Head Fiddle (traditional 2 stringed instrument). It was a time when I learned about music technically. After moving to the US, I graduated from my high school and I learned to play violin.Then I graduated from Los Angeles Film School with bachelors in Entertainment business and recoding arts degree. 

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