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Likes: Otters, exchanging pleasantries and making to the other side of the crosswalk right as the blinker reaches zero. 
Dislikes: Spooky things, tripping over my own feet and saying “you too” at the movies when the box office person says “enjoy your movie”.
Favorite Food: Chinese Boneless Spareribs with Lo Mein
Favorite Quote: “Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can’t see.” 

Stewart Mitchell is a multi-instrumentalist producer, songwriter, and performer. He began piano lessons at an early age after hearing his sibling practicing. Soon after starting lessons, he quickly fell in love with music. Along with piano, Stewart also took guitar and voice lessons which only deepened his passion. He has also taught himself bass guitar, drums, ukulele, mandolin, and trumpet to advance his overall musicianship.”

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