Likes: New explorations, doing photography for inspirations, dancing with the wind, being weird, helping others, composing music daily, meditation, and gaming with friends and reading a book in nature.

Dislikes: Smoking, drugs, crime, onions, spices, indian food, heavy metal or screamo and negativity.

Food: Pizza, pizza, and pizza. Burritos/chipotle or home made. Chicken wings, burgers without onions, a healthy salad and sushi.I love coffee with cream in the morning with a homemade egg burrito.

” Life is an adventure, it’s not a package tour.” –  Eckhart Tolle

Shaun Allaway is a composer whose music captures the imagination. He describes his musical experience as follows: “As I entered through this storm of enchanting melodies and gifted abilities, I then saw a piano that was too big for me to play when I was only three. My first impression was just to play to see what it would sound like. When I grew up to eight years old, my father taught me chords but only that alone. I followed it through since I had no friends growing up as a child and the piano was the only one and only. I started to listen to Mozart, picked up his rotation, his habits, and his progression. I duplicated, I corrected it and took then took it deeper to sound like my own Amadues. Now I have composed over 10,000 songs since then as I mix myself with Mozart’s Techniques and Vivaldi’s Symphonies combined.”


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