Likes: Spending time with my husband and family, food, music, food, good books, and food.
Dislikes: Being interrupted, not getting enough sleep, and driving in traffic.
Favorite Food: Pasta primavera
Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Sarah Insalaco Olsen began composing at the age of six when she decided that making up her own pieces during piano lessons was much more fun than practicing the piano exercises that other people had written. She continued composing through junior high and high school, premiering several original orchestral works with many youth symphonies around her home state of Utah. Sarah continued to pursue music composition at the university level, and graduated from Snow College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis on Composition. Sarah has written music for plays, short films, video games, feature length films, and live performance for many ensembles. She continues composing for film, video games, and other mediums with her husband at their studio in Utah.

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