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Likes: The beach, listening to the rain, a freshly made bed, good customer service, reliability, integrity, walking barefoot in the grass, watching fireflies, soft carpets, convertibles, good music
Dislikes: Being woken up, bad smells, flakiness, flat pillows
Favorite Food: Smoothies, chocolate/peanut butter combination,
Favorite Quote: “Your talent is G-d’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to G-d”

Sarah Dukes, is an award-winning composer, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a mother of 6. Sarah’s stirring collection of original piano solos have won multiple awards, are featured in several documentaries, are streamed on dozens of international radio stations, and have been included on multiple airline’s inflight entertainment systems, including Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and EgyptAir. Sarah’s music is available for streaming and download on all platforms and on her website,, where sheet music can also be purchased. Follow “Sarah Dukes Music” on Facebook and Instagram for more music and new releases.

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