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Likes: Music, video games, animation, painting
Dislikes: Slow computers and peeling garlic
Favorite Food: Vegemite toast
Favorite Quote: “Hakuna Matata” – The Lion King

Samantha is a New Zealand-born film composer currently based in Los Angeles. After working in Australia and Ireland on various film projects, she has completed her Masters in Scoring for Film and Visual Media. Sam has worked at Windmill Lane Recording Studios with various industry composers including Christopher Young, Spiderman 3; Andy Hill, former Vice President of Music at Walt Disney; and Conrad Pope, composer and orchestrator for films such as Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Sam worked with Jeff Russo’s music team at Raleigh Studios Hollywood on TV shows, Fargo, and Star Trek: Discovery; and she has composed on films, Nightshift, Landfall (featuring Vernon Wells from Mad Max), Day Off (which was nominated for Best Score 2017), and animation film, FELIX, among others.

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