I started to attend the Music Conservatory G. Verdi in Turin at the age of 11 and I graduated in Organ and Organ Composition in 2011, with full marks and honor and I have attended several master classes with popular international artists since then. Besides my classical studies I have a genuine passion for electronic music and jazz since high school.  I have produced several music pieces for music videos, dance performances, documentaries, theatre shows, in cooperation with the best artists of the city of TURIN.  In 2011, I founded a music research and training centre named “Percorsi Sonori”, where I currently teach “Music Production and Electronic Music”, “Music Composition” and “Vitrual Orchestration”.

Likes: Listen music very loud

Dislikes: Turistic Places

Favorite Food: Italian Food… Offcourse

Favorite Quote: Does’nt matter…Just do it!

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