Likes: Music, Sports, Concerts, Movies, Nature
Dislikes: Social injustice, Violence
Favorite Food: Hash browns
Favorite Quote: “The only love affair I have ever had was with music.” (Ravel)

Raphael Fimm is an award-winning film composer based in Vienna, Austria. He first media composition studies at the SET School of Entertainment & Technology in 2012 and later enrolled at Berklee College of Music studying Composition and Orchestration for Film & TV.
As of yet, Raphael has scored multiple shorts and features including the award-winning films “Le Constructeur de Malheur” (short) and “The Sunrise Storyteller” (feature documentary).
For him, film music must not only support the movie, but has to have an own character and be able to tell the story of the film in its own language. Using the variety of an orchestra, Raphael is anxious to give every film a unique and personal musical language that forms the perfect symbiosis of picture and music.

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