Likes: Diversity in Life

Dislikes: Hypocrisy

Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn

Favorite Quote: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”

Kim’s musical background was developed early in life.  He was immersed in private and higher education musical training; after which he gained a great deal of practical experience as a professional performer.  His musical focus was in stringed instruments, keyboard, percussion and vocals.  He was a professional performer for over 15 years and performed throughout the United States.  After retiring from live musical performance and becoming very successful in the corporate world, Kim redirected his passions back to music composition in 2008.  His primary focus is music composition for film, video games and trailers.  He is very familiar with all music styles and can compose in any genre.  Kim studied Music Theory at Rose State College, Music for Media at Think Space Education, and Orchestration for Film at Berklee College of Music.

Check out R. Kim Shultz ‘Artist Series’ release ‘VGM148 Artist Series Vol 16 – R Kim Shultz – Sinister’ on Youtube below!

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice


Favorite Media Composers

There are so many great film music composers and each has captured me emotionally with their music; Brian Tyler, Clint Mansell, Thomas Newman, Tyler Bates, and Alexandre Desplat to name a very small few

Favorite Scores

I listen to each score on its own merit and absolutely love most film music scores. I am not a critic! I am a fan and support the individual efforts of all composers.

Discuss your personal creative workflow

After being named the composer for the project I immediately go into a deep dark hole of self-doubt! I want to say “just kidding” but if you are a composer or artist you know exactly what I mean!!
I communicate with the director on music genre and then listen to the “Greats” to gain inspiration and to contrast and compare what works for a specific film genre.

Define you personal sound

Industrial-Orchestral-Rock is my favorite genre. I love the driving nature of a strong rock drummer and guitarist, creating driving rhythms with an industrial soundscape, encapsulated by a forceful orchestral blend!

Outline your approach to scoring to picture

My workflow:

1.) Setup a Share Drive to share large files with the director/production team.
2.) Director uploads the picture locked film in mp4 or mov file format with the timecode displayed.
a. The timecode is used to discuss specific parts of the film and ultimately place the music.
3.) Discuss the type of music genre/soundscape the director has envisioned for the film.
a. Listen to music from other films that the director feels would be appropriate for their film.
4.) Spot the music with the director.
a. Where does the director want the music?
b. What is the feel or emotion the director is looking for at a specific timecode.
c. Alternatively, some directors will ask that I spot the music and make the musical storytelling decisions.
5.) Load or develop an instrument template to be used based on the music genre the director has chosen.
a. Orchestral, Industrial Orchestral, Soundscape, Piano and Strings, etc…
6.) Compose sections of the music and send drafts to the director to review.
a. The director will add their edit notes or approve.
b. The director always has final music approval.
c. This step is repeated until the music is completed and the director has signed off on all musical content.
7.) Provide a completed cue sheet, with all compositions listed, to the director to email to BMI.

And of course, flexibility in this process is key to a great artistic outcome.

Discuss the theme of your Artist Series album

The theme is based on Industrial-Orchestral-Rock. This genre was one of the first I began composing and still really enjoy playing around in this genre.

Discuss your approach to time management when composing

I am training in Project Management and Six Sigma (I know, what does this have to do with music) and understand the requirements to deliver a project on time and at or under budget. These skills also apply when you have conflicting projects that I am composing simultaneously.

Discuss gear that is important to your workflow

The most important gear for me are my CPUs. My main CPU is configured as follows:
– Intel 7900x 10-core CPU overclocked to 4.5mhz
– Asrock Fatality XE X299 Motherboard
– 128GB Corsair Dominator 3000 Memory
– 7TB NVMe M.2 SSD Storage (7-1TB Drives)
– Asrock Ultra Quad PCIe NVMe M.2 Card
– UAD Octo Card
– Nvidia 1080ti 11GB Video Card
– Liquid Cooled CPU

Secondary CPU

– Intel X79 6-core CPU overclocked to 4.2mhz
– Asus P9X79 Pro Motherboard
– 64GB Corsair Vengeance Memory
– 10TB HHD Storage
– XPS 4GB Eyefinity Graphic Card
– Liquid Cooled

Offer any advice to fellow artists

Network with all filmmakers!!

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