Likes: Drums, Russian Literature, Medieval Music
Dislikes: Psychic Vampires, Ferns
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Quote: “Sound is immobility’s first motion.” -Giacinto Scelsi

Peter Scartabello (b. 1972) is a composer of more than 100 musical works for both the concert stage and film. His music has been premiered in the US, France, Poland and Canada. He has worked with filmmakers from the US, India, Russia, Sweden and Norway. The film Russian Lessons (2010) by Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya was shown at Sundance and nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for best documentary. More recently, Gulabi Gang (2012) by Nishtha Jain, which he also scored, won the Muhr Asia/Africa Award for Best Documentary at the Dubai International Film Festival. It also won the Golden Chair Award for Best Documentary at the Norwegian Film Festival. In 2018 Mr. Scartabello received the 2019 fellowship for music composition from RISCA, the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts. Mr. Scartabello is currently living in North Kingstown RI and teaches percussion, piano and composition at the Knapp School of Music in Peace Dale RI.

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