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Likes: music, guitar, fishing, cooking, movies, the 80’s, retro things, the seaside,

Dislikes: narrow mindedness, lack of resilience, gossiping

Favorite Food: My home made Chilli

Favorite Quote: “Have a good time, all the time.” Viv Savage

I began my musical journey so to speak 29 years ago where at the age of 10 I sold my Sega Megadrive and bought my first guitar, with the help of my father. I was self taught up until I attended the University of Southampton, UK and obtained my degree in Music. While this course was primarily Classical and Jazz, I studied a variety of styles and played in my soul/funk band, “The Principles” for three years. Following this I have worked on many projects both performing live and studio recordings. From my time at University I fell in love with Music Technology and have continued my passion through my career as a Music and Music Technology teacher. My dream has always been to own my own studio and create music for media. I am passionate about the creative process and all the good music brings to the world.

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