Likes: Live music, camping, hikes 
Dislikes: Stagnancy
Favorite Food: Mediterranean and Seafood
Favorite Quote: Art is never finished, only abandoned – Leonardo da Vinci

Omar El-Deeb is an Egyptian Composer/Producer/Musician based in LA. 
After picking up the guitar at 18 and finding his way to the stage the year after, he quickly became aware of his obsession with music. Starting off as a live and studio musician, Omar later found solace in the studio making music for TV & Film as well as producing music for artists and bands. By late 2016, he started his move to LA after having built a solid reputation back home. Omar’s music can be heard in commercials of multi-national brands like Vodafone, Pepsi, HSBC, Lay’s and more. You can watch and listen to Omar’s work at:

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