Likes: Adrenaline

Dislikes: Stagnation

Favorite Food: Indian Food and Thai Food

Favorite Quote: “Obstacles are the greatest path to success!”

Having started  his musical journey at the ripe age of 6, Nipun Nair is a gifted musician and composer, adept at playing multiple instruments and comfortable with a variety of musical genres. After working as an art director in advertising for two years, he let his innate musical talent take the reigns and find full expression; he hasn’t looked back Gathering a plethora of impressive clientele from all over the world (Toyota, Mahindra Automobiles, Dunkin Donuts, Tanishq, India Property, Oriental Cuisine, Artha, Prince Jewellery, and many more), Nipun has scored many award winning short films, featured at the Toronto Film Festival, and has worked his way up breaking the mould, and creating his own sought after sound. Blessed with both the curiosity that drives innovation and the talent to realize the fruits of his creativity, Nipun offers creative music composition services for any requirements, be it film scores, television, video games,  commercials, jingles, or theater.

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