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Likes: Coffee, whiskey, Big Trouble in Little China, and Lynch’s Dune.

Dislikes: Vladimir Harkonnen, natto.

Favorite Food: Pho

Favorite Quote: “From one thing, know ten thousand things…” -Miyamoto Musashi

Nic Danielson is a Seattle-based composer, keyboardist/percussionist, and sound designer. He has worked with such diverse clients as DC Comics, Coca-Cola, GoPro, MTV, PBS, and the Travel Channel. Nic was recently a finalist in the 2017 Marvin Hamlisch Film Music Contest. In 2016, he was one of five finalists in the International Film Music Competition (at the Zurich Film Festival), where his work was performed by the Tonhalle Orchestra. In addition to his writing for film and TV, you can find Nic performing with dark-horse indie-punkers Ravenna Woods.

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