Likes: Kansas Basketball (and by extension NBA basketball teams with KU alumni), Fantasy Novels (ASOIAF, The Dark Tower, First Law) and, of course, film scores and just movie sound in general.

Dislikes: The Oxford Comma

Favorite Food: German Style Döner Kebab

Favorite Quote: “…for few of us can identify with divine genius, but many of us probably have had dark moments of urgent self-contempt in the face of those whose effortless existence illustrates our own inadequacies.” From Roger Ebert’s review of Amadeus.

Nathan Towns is a film composer based out of the midwest United States. He has studied under a host of well-known composers, such as Christopher Lennertz, Christophe Beck, Christopher Young, Theodore Shapiro and Hans Zimmer. His favorite thing about film scoring is the opportunity it affords to write in a wide variety of different musical styles. The first soundtrack he ever bought was Mission to Mars by Ennio Morricone.

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