Likes: Adventuring, video games, nature, world culture, traveling

Dislikes: Monotony, loud sounds, bad smells, foods with soft textures

Favorite Food: Pizza. There is a different type of pizza to match any mood or desire

Favorite Quote:

“Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not” – Uncle Iroh

I am Michael Van Bodegom Smith, a composer based in Los Angeles, California. I was informally introduced to music through classical Nintendo games and timeless film scores. The first few years of my musical career were spent as a classical trumpet player in Detroit, but after moving to Chicago I quickly became immersed in jazz, R&B/Gospel, as well as many other genres and cultures. Composing/arranging was always an interest of mine and soon it became my primary focus as a musician. Moving away from my classical/orchestral background was difficult at first but I pushed myself to adapt sound design, modular synthesis, and different styles of music from around the world into my arsenal. Over the years I have worked on film scores, video games, commercials and TV shows, as well as gigged around the country; however, my favorite part of the job has always been having the pleasure to work with so many diverse and incredible creatives all over the globe.

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