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Likes: Music, Netflix, food, family, ideally at the same time!

Dislikes: Snobbery and injustice

Favorite Food: Souvlaki (Greek Street Food!)

Favorite Quote: There are no ordinary moments – Dan Millman

Born in Athens, Greece in the early ’80s, Michael started learning the piano from the age of 6. Often not content within the elitism of conservatories, he quit the piano during high school and bought his beloved Ibanez with his first summer job cash. Learning the guitar whilst following an unwanted education path in Computer Engineering further reinforced the desire to find his place in the music industry. Following the wave, he moved to Wales, UK in the mid ’00s to study Music Engineering & Production and fell in love with the process in his first studio job in a youth centre. Once realising he’d much rather be behind the studio glass or his laptop screen and reminiscing the euphoria of his first-owned soundtrack, The Lion King, he decided to start composing for media. His music was soon featured on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, American Pickers, Dancing With The Stars, and used by brands like Panasonic.

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