Likes: Formula 1, Star Wars, gaming
Dislikes: Cloudy weather, people taking too long to reply to emails/messages, waiting for samples to load, being cold
Favorite Food: Pizza, especially Pizza Press in West Hollywood!
Favorite Quote: “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without” – Confucius

Max McGuire is a composer from Manchester, UK. After being brought up playing the piano and violin, Max later swapped his violin for a drum kit as music became a way of life. In 2015 Max co-founded Metronomix Studios with fellow VGM artist Alastair Adams. Together they have achieved many of their dreams including attending a red-carpet premiere in LA and conducting their own score at Abbey Road Studio 1 in London. His influences include John Williams, Michael Giacchino and Justin Hurwitz. If Max isn’t composing he is most likely gaming or eating pizza!

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