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Likes:  Ashtanga Vinyasa, Audiobooks, drums, piano

Dislikes:   Critics

Favorite Food: Chicago Thin Crust Pizza

Favorite Quote:  “There is no ‘other world’ I only know what I’ve experienced. You must be hallucinating.” – Rumi

Matt Noth is a musician, composer, and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee, originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He began playing drums at age 5 and went on to master the piano, guitar, vocals, and composition. Matt received a BA in English from Belmont University, where he also studied songwriting. He has also performed at a number of Nashville venues, including the East Room, the Zombie shop, Indigo and Double Trree. Matt has composed and released several albums, including Mantara (2015), Through the Wormhole (2016), and Patterns in the Sky (2017). His 2015 track “Loud” was featured on the popular online publication Earmilk.

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