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Likes: Basketball, Creating art using media, Videography, Video Games, Creative thinking, Problem Solving, Being Spontaneous, Art Galleries, Movie/Date Nights, Family Reunions, Cooking, Trying new things, Adventure, chilling in Belize, Running in the rain

Dislikes: Injuring Myself

Favorite Food: Belizean Cuisine

Favorite Quote: “train your mind to follow your heart” Mark “DJ Motivation” Lopez

Mark DJ Motivation Lopez is a multi genre artist/music producer. He specialize in blending genres like reggae with hiphop and R&B. DJ Motivation is internationally known for his consciences, spiritually influenced, gospel messages intertwined within his lyrics. Mark DJ Motivation Lopez is a former graduate from Full Sail University, with a B.S. in Music Production and a MBS in Entertainment Business. Motivation is happily married and disappears during the first week of July to celebrate his anniversary.

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