Likes: Dark Roasted Coffee and Vodka (not necessarily in the same glass)

Dislikes: Insincerity, Los Angeles traffic

Favorite Food: Green Curry Chicken

Favorite Quote: “Worry is an abuse of the Imagination.”

Two time Emmy-nominated composer Mark Koval has a long history composing music for television. His music can be heard in such long-running shows as Batman: the Animated SeriesThe Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, and over 85 episodes of the popular children’s series Bobby’s World, starring Howie Mandel. His feature film credits include the suspense thriller The Guest House and the cult horror favorite Love Bites. In 2014, he received an International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) nomination for his work on Warner Bros. Batman: the Animated Series. Mark has also scored several documentaries including director Debra Tolchinsky’s Fast Talk, Paul Moreno’s iBully, and Mark Harrington’s Ministry of Fab.


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