Likes: My family, Film, Music, Mountains, Motor Sport

Dislikes:Disorder, hypocrisy, ignorance, social haters, keyboard lions

Favorite Food:Pizza, Italian food, Sushi, good wines

Favorite Quote: Don’t dream your life, live your dream!

“Born on 04/01/1977 in Verona, Italy, Manuel started to play keyboards since he was ten years old. Few years before, when he was 6 years old, his parents gift him a Vangelis “”Best of”” album and immediately felt in love with film music. After he has attended Music School (studying playing keyboard and Blues foundamentals) he played rock and blues with local groups and friends. But was only after get in contact with Hans Zimmer music that Manuel understood that he wanted to compose film music. During last 20 years he improved his skills in cinematic and orchestral music listening and analyzing albums from most iconic film composers in the world (Zimmer, Williams, Morricone, Giacchino, Horner, etc.), attending online Courses, Masterclass, live music school, by participating in scoring competitions and knowing composers all over the world. Knowed also as Manu Past Composer his music is available on YouTube channel and Sound Cloud. Since January one of the last track has been release worldwide on most popular music streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.).”

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