Likes: Sauvignon Blanc, traveling, being busy
Dislikes: Ironing, negative people
Favorite Food: Lasagne
Favorite Quote: You haven’t found something worth living for until you’ve found something worth dying for.

Lois began composing shortly after commencing piano lessons at the age of 7.  She subsequently learned to play french horn, guitar, trumpet, recorders, kalimba, ukelele and flute.  She took a circuitous route into composing, first becoming a medical doctor, and subsequently completing an MA in Professional Media Composition.  She has written music and done sound design for more than 30 short films, 2 feature films, numerous TV shows and commercials, and several commercially released video games.  She regularly arranges music for live shows and has been a musical director for many musical theatre shows in the UK.  She particularly enjoys working on documentary and animation, fusing live playing with synthesiser sounds.  She makes her own electronic instruments.  She once played french horn for the Queen of England.

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