Likes : Avantgarde Japanese disco from the late 70s, Nigerian funk and afro beat, Yacht rock, Surfing
Dislikes : Antiquated social values, brunch.
Favorite Food : 16 Handles
Favorite Quote : “Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the f#$% you were going to do anyway” – Robert Downey Jr.

Liam Fox O’Brien is a composer and musician based in New York City. His work includes musical scoring for feature films as well as producing original music for shorts, commercials and branded content. With a passion for innovation and creative sound design, Liam has a broad musical vocabulary honed through his work on projects of varying scale, as well as his background as a musician and performing artist in rock bands The Scare, Faker, Wax Witches and DL. He is well regarded by clients and collaborators for his listening and observation skills, technical mastery and creative advice.

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