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Likes: Music, Movies, Dogs, Trees, Good Food!
Dislikes: Animal abuse, pretentious & fake people, boring conversations!
Favorite food: Sushi, Mediterranean, Italian
Favorite Quote: dont really have one, but lets go with this 🙂 “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed”

Layal Watfeh was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1980. She is now residing and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her journey with music started so early when she was only 9 years old and got accepted into the music conservatoire in Damascus to learn the violin, but later that year moved to Dubai with her family. At the age of 11, she focused on learning the piano for two years. At the age of 17 Layal started her voice over career by recording for many programs, shows, and countless TV and radio commercials as well as recording many jingles for famous brands and products. 20 years later and she is still one of the very well known voice talents in the Middle East. Layal launched her career as a music composer at the age of 21, after working in several music production studios in Dubai, During this period Layal was keen on fulfilling her passion for music through learning whatever in related to sound and music techniques, She spent extra hours training on sound equipment and started composing her own music. A turning point in Layal’s life came in 2002 when MBC group offered her a job as a post-production sound engineer, sound designer and music composer. Layal accepted the job and worked for 6 years, making her way up to become the senior manager of this department in MBC. In 2009 Layal Watfeh decided that it was about time to start her own studio and pursuit her ultimate dream of composing for TV and Film. Later that year she resigned from MBC and focused on composing music for several different mediums including advertisements, TV series, documentaries, short films and feature films, in addition to other projects across the Middle East, the U.S.A, Canada, and U.K. Besides recording for TV commercials, Layal has been the voice for many TV channels and networks across the Middle East such as mbc2, mbc4, OSN, Abu Dhabi TV and D.M.T.V. An album under the name of Lemonada was released in the Middle East back in 2004 featuring Layal as the main singer. Published by E.M.I. Music Arabia and sold and distributed via Virgin Megastores. Layal was one of 300 handpicked talents from around the world to attend the Berlinale 2014 in Berlin, Germany. In 2016 Layal signed a contract with Score A Score in Los Angeles, U.S.A. as one of their composers and since then has been assigned jobs in all different mediums ranging from TV commercials to feature films and theatrical trailers, in America and Canada. Layal is a winner of 9 international awards for her work in music and sound, including her award in 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, for Best Score in Trailer, category. She has also been nominated for another award at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2017 for her composition on the Invasion Game trailer Her latest award is from the Global Music Awards 2018 in the United States for Best orchestral hybrid track, “Ten Sins”

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