Likes:  A good round of hardcore team deathmatch on COD.

Dislikes: Snow…and other people driving in it.

Favorite Food: Homemade sauerkraut with pork and mashed potatoes.

Favorite Quote: “We played that scoundrel Brahms. What an ungifted swine!” -Tchaikovsky

Laura Brown is a composer, percussionist, and musicologist based in New Haven, CT. Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Laura began studying piano at the age of seven and drums at the age of ten, and began composing music at the age of fifteen. As a drummer and percussionist, she has performed in a variety of contexts, from symphony orchestra gigs in central Pennsylvania (as a timpanist and/or section percussionist) to pop punk (as studio drummer for Geoff Peters); from musical theatre gigs (kit/percussion) to marching band (on the drumline of the Penn State Blue Band). Laura holds a BA in Music and an MA in Musicology from Penn State University, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in Music History at Yale. Laura also writes, records, and mixes the music for, which she founded in April of 2015.

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