Likes: Books, Vinyl, Cooking, Wine, Concerts, Films, Wine,

Dislikes: Parties without wine

Favorite Food: Gumbo

Favorite Quote:  Without music, life would be a mistake – Friedrich Nietzsche

Kyle Preston is an indie-classical composer and sound designer. He releases experimental and ambient music under his own name. His latest release is Geo, a rumination on climate change. With a background in Astronomy & Astrophysics, his work is grounded in a scientific realism. It appears in a growing list of short and feature-length films, apps and video games–including the Apple iPad Award Winner and TIME Magazine game of the year Prune. His music has been described as ‘otherworldly’ by the Los Angeles Times. Inspired by minimalism, electronic and classical-light music, his work reaches destinations of intense clarity. And like the aim of all art, his music attempts to inspire wonder in others.

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