Likes: Trombones, indoor pools, all dogs, the brain, astronomy, being a goofball on the Internet, and so much more

Dislikes: Hunchboys, apathy, and butterscotch

Favorite Food: Thai Red Curry

Favorite Quote: “The tree lay down on the garage roof and stretched, You have your heaven, it said, go to it.” – The Hurricane, William Carlos Williams

Kyle Guffey is a composer and songwriter based in Washington DC. She spent her formative years in Redding, CT, where she was first introduced to her life partner, the trombone. This formed her love for wind band and introduced her to playing the guitar; from here she began to write. She has a passion for melody, storytelling, and arranging and adapting themes across genres. She’s had the opportunity to work for Zync Music and Mophonics Music & Sound in Manhattan. She received her Bachelor’s in Commercial Composition and Production from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music ’17. Check out for more on Kyle.

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