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Likes: Orchestral Music, Composing, Films, TV Shows, Video Games, food!

Dislikes: Mushrooms.. ew, scraping metal.

Favorite Food: All the food! …. except mushrooms. Particularly love curries and Indian snacks.

Favorite Quote: “Time is a great teacher… unfortunately it kills all of its pupils.” – Hector Berlioz.

“Hailing from the heart of the UK, I started my exploration into music by picking up the Bass Guitar at High School. Playing in bands and jazz bands throughout my early teens whilst studying and progressing onto other instruments such as the Guitar and piano were a great primer for a career in music. A steady love of all things geeky at an early age, from TV shows to films and Video Games, has provided me with a lifelong appreciation and love for soundtracks – particularly those of the Orchestral variety. John Williams provided a soundtrack to my childhood, and remains my favourite composer alongside Ralph Vaughan Williams. Both of these composers have guided my own exploration in Orchestral music, alongside a myriad of others. Today, I compose for film shorts and features, whilst providing library tracks in between. I am also involved in my local Orchestra, The Leicester Symphony Orchestra, where I work as a Stage Manager and Concert Manager. On occassion I also provide arrangements and original music to the Orchestra, and have had several pieces played live – much to my awe. I hope you find what you are looking for at Velvet Green Music, happy listening! – Kirby.”

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