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Likes: Helping others, time with the girlfriend and dog, Nat Geo documentaries, comedy movies, hiking

Dislikes: People that talk too much, wasting time, bad hair days, dirty work areas

Favorite Food: Farmerboys’ breakfast burritos, pizza, pho noodle soup, sushi

Favorite Quote: “Love is my religion” – Bob Marley

Short one paragraph bio:  Kevin grew up in a small town in New Jersey where all he did was listen to music all day.  He joined the U.S. Air Force for eight years after high school, and in his time serving found a passion for music.  He started as a bass player, but also was learning EDM production at the same time.  He decided to invest in a career in music by attending college at Full Sail University for Music Production.  He enjoys writing music in all genres that he can learn, and hopes to eventually someday travel the world and teach music. He has a girlfriend and a dog that he loves both very much.

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