Likes: Renovating, Bonsai, Fishing, Creating Music
Dislikes:  Mimes and Clowns( I’m not frightened of clowns they just shit me)
Favorite Food:    Chicken Skin
Favorite Quote:  “The more you know, the less you need.”

Justin Fitzgerald is a composer who writes under the name The Blue Arrows in his own style of music he refers to as filmstrumental. His catalogue of compositions and songs vary from purely jazz to a jazz-based soundtrack feel, to cinematic drama instrumentals and classical. Born and raised in Sydney, at present he lives with his wife, who also has a musical background, on the South Coast of New South Wales where they have been for the past 18 years. His passion is composition which he has continued to do throughout his life. This desire to create is reflected in the originality and attention to detail of his work. Whilst most of works are piano based they are not limited to this field and the utilisation of varied instrument pairings and groupings contributes to the originality of his pieces. He has had placements for Fox Sports Australia, The Path (Hulu U.S.) and 5th Ward (U.S.)

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