Likes: Strawberry flavored anything, novels, debating plot holes in storytelling

Dislikes: People shutting down dialogue, unnecessary CGI in movies, anti-science movements

Favorite Food: Ice cream!

Favorite Quote: “They couldn’t shoot an elephant from that dist-“ An idiot civil war general’s last words. For real.

I have always enjoyed juggling multiple projects. The thrill of multiple impending deadlines, strange though it may sound, is one of my favorite motivators. As such, whenever someone asks me, “What are you up to?” they’re in danger of a long running monologue! But I do try and stay concise – after all, never going to meet those deadlines while meandering about! Also graduated USC Film Scoring, worked as an Orchestrator, and/or Arranger, and/or Additional Music on such notable projects as Cloud Atlas, The Newsroom, Sense 8, I Frankenstein, and Wolf Creek 2.

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