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Likes: I like  playing piano, composing, Peruvian food, swimming and big landscapes.

Dislikes: Hate, hypocrisy and division

Favorite Food: Arroz Chaufa

Favorite Quote: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”

I began my music journey by being a jazz pianist. I was part of a Peruvian funk band called “Big Pollo Funk” whom I toured Peru with. Additionally, I was playing piano at some Peruvian social clubs like “Club Social Miraflores”.  I was already creating music since I was 13, and composed many latin style music pieces which form part of my early works. My passion for film music arouse as I watched many movies of different kinds and styles and I began to read about the importance of music in films. After taking some courses in audiovisual communication, I flew to Boston and studied Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. Now I live in Los angeles and I freelance as a composer.

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