Likes: Being in nature, making dinner at home with loved ones and of course, writing music.

Dislikes: Drivers who tailgate

Favorite Food: A good burrito and a cold beer

Favorite Quote: “The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one’s self of the chains that shackle the spirit.” – Stravinsky

Jon Everist is a Seattle based composer mostly known for his work in video games.  He scored the critically acclaimed Shadowrun: Hong Kong and its predecessor “Dragonfall” which was named PC Gamers “Top 100 PC Games of All Time”.  He is currently writing the score for BattleTech (coming in 2018); one of the most successful video game Kickstarters in history by Harebrained Schemes. Jon started producing electronic music at a young age, influenced by an eclectic mix of artists like Aphex Twin, MF Doom, Bjork and Radiohead. After producing and touring as a member of Seattle-based hip hop group Rudy and The Rhetoric, Jon pivoted to pursue a degree in music and began his journey as a composer. Jon’s style borrows influences from the different stages in his career, combining his electronic background with his obsession for the classical orchestra and modern film scoring techniques.  IGN had this to say about his score for Shadowrun: Hong Kong in the opening sentence of its review for the game: “Good soundtracks aren’t always good indicators of good games, but it’s happily the case with Shadowrun: Hong Kong. The artistry of composer Jon Everist’s work reveals itself in the opening titles, and maintains an atmosphere of subdued mystery through character creation and beyond – spilling over into the first conversations and battles effortlessly and memorably.”  Jon can be reached at or on twitter @JonEverist.

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