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Likes: Food, tennis, bowling, video games, film, archery, wood working, cooking, nature, and of course, music!
Dislikes: loud chewers, slow drivers/walkers, and big insects.
Favorite Food: Wow….uh…sushi. But really, In no particular order, and not limited to: Steakhouses, Italian, Chinese, BBQ (Both American and Korean), Mediterranean, Thai, Mexican, Portuguese, Indian, Cheesecake factory, Sandwich and Chips, cereal with an excessive amount of blueberries in it, any and all food left out in the kitchen, 
Favorite Quote: “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.” – V for Vendetta 

Jake Lefkowitz is a film, television, trailer and video game composer, guitarist and audio engineer whose goal is to enhance the emotional experience on screen with original music. The film maker’s vision is Jake’s number one priority. Jake believes that communication with content providers is key to hydrant, emotional story telling. Jake is also a guitarist, well-versed in classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz and funk styles. He utilizes his guitar experience to create interesting and unique music. As a graduate of SAE, School of Audio Engineering, with a diploma in Audio Technology, and a graduate of Berklee College of Music, with a Film Scoring degree and a minor in video game scoring, Jake is putting all of his focus into producing and composing music.

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