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Likes: Good food, some travel, watch TV shows, be with friends. Music (I don’t like. I love it!)
Dislikes: Rude people, rainy days for too long and the recent music scene in Brazil.
Favorite Food: Brazilian food from Minas Gerais (an Estate)
Favorite Quote:”I thing the best possible social program is a Job” Ronald Reagan

I’m from Brazil and started to study the piano when I was 6. Since then, music has been my life. I have a classical formation (and a degree in piano), but my passion is to explore the other genres.  I’ve participated of bands of many genres, performed in recordings, worked as a music leader in some churches, and I started and run my own music company, accomplishing over 500  events in 8 years. I always had the interest to know who and how the soundtracks for TV and movies were done, and here in USA, I’ve seen an opportunity to be part of this world, then I spent the last year researching and learning what this industry demands.   

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