Likes: Italy Film, Football, Concerts, Travel, Mountain

Dislikes: Hot, Vegetables, Lies

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Quote: Life is like coffee: you can put all the sugar you want but if you want it sweet you need to move the spoon. Nothing happens standing still

“I am a self taught musician, I started playing guitar at 17 . I have a degree in Film Studies at the University of Roma Tre. The passion for film and media, alongside with music, put me on the path to become a film composer. Today my main occupation is making music for the screen, including but not limited to short movies, advertising and video games. I write mostly dramatic and action cues, using electronic sounds with sound design elements in the cinematic style, but I try to add something new in every composition I do, inspired by other genres like synthwave, funk and ethnic music. I compose with a Roli Seaboard on Cubase 10.”

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