Likes: To learn at least one new thing everyday
Dislikes: Politics,fake news,stemming ,reality t.v
Favorite Food: Anything hot and spicy
Favorite Quote: Don't do unto others what you wouldn't like done unto yourself.
Artist Interview

I’m Darren Jenkins, a composer living in Edinburgh Scotland. I’ve always being intrigued by sound design, programming and of course building the best home studio allowing the freedom of creativity.
I have had a passion for writing music since a very early age,
I began This wonderful Journey in production music in late September 2018 when I was introduced To Michael John Mollo here at Velvet Green music.
We collaborated on over 40 tracks in my first 14 months after I was signed.
I have gained so many new skills which include:
Improving track layouts and instrumentation, reading and understanding briefs, Communication in the business and writing lots of genres that VGM has to offer.
Michael has an abundance of knowledge, What you can learn from him and from the material we are provided with is truly priceless.
I have multiple projects I am working on in 2020 outside of VGM with two Albums already released and a further three going out between 2020/21.
Velvet Green Music is a wonderful community to be a part of The artists and the staff are some of the nicest people you will ever meet! That’s why Velvet green music will always be home for me.

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