Likes: Creating Music, Fishing, Playing Video Games, Swimming and being with Family
Dislikes: Being bored, being lied to and people being in your business
Favorite Food: Pizza, Hamburger, Mexican Food & Soul Food
Favorite Quote: Quitter Never Win and Winners Never Quit

Born and raised in a small country town named Gloster, La, Focuz Muzik grew up loving the sound of music. Playing drums at a local church started a fire that can’t be quench by nothing but creating more music. In 2007, Focuz Muzik the brand was started with simple raw talent, no music lessons or anything, just a passion to create music that pushes forward over time. Starting with a background of Hip Hop & R&B, he is taking all the skills that he’s learned over time and adventuring off into forming all type of music in the film & TV world. As a music composer, he will continue to be creative and enjoy making music!!

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