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Likes: the great American road trip
Dislikes: airports, authority
Favorite Food: tie between malai kofta and hamachi nigiri
Favorite Quote: The lesser of two evils is still choosing evil ~ Jerry Garcia

I spend lots of time in poorly lit rooms pushing buttons and making vibrations out of expensive bits of plastic and wood. There’s lots of wires and lights and stuff in there, too. After a couple days or a year of this a song escapes and runs away to hopefully find a home. Not in a bad way, though. They sort of frolic away hopefully. On rare occasions money is involved. Again, not in a bad way. But they don’t always find homes. See my soundcloud for more information. A couple times the buttons and vibrations resulted in pieces of paper appearing at my house from places like Berklee College of Music or the John Lennon Songwriting Awards. I realize now I should have kept at least a couple of them. The calligraphy was superb.

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