Likes: Music, Composing, Sports, Traveling, Technology
Dislikes: Mainstream Music, Parties
Favorite Food: Coffee, Gummy Bears
Favorite Quote: “I am rarely bored alone; I am often bored in groups and crowds.”

Damir Agovic is a composer, guitarist and an introvert who is living in a small country on Balkan peninsula, Montenegro. As his introvertness hinder his expressivness, music serves him to be heard.
Being metal music fan since early teenage years, he played in several bands, as well as being producer and recording engineer for other bands. Discovery of epic music awakened his passion for movie soundtracks and trailer music, which he has been composing for couple of years now, with aim of getting his music placed in big Hollywood trailers. Hopefully, some day, he will arrive there. One step at the time.

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