Likes: grindhouse cinema, free WIFI, open bars, funnel cakes and the Pittsburgh Penguins Dislikes: traffic, conformity, politics, soul patches and green peas
Favorite Food: Mexican, Greek or exquisite late night fast food
Favorite Quote: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Clay Smith is a Washington, D.C. area musician/composer and screenwriter. Constantly gravitating between playing guitar, writing scripts and releasing experimental electronic music via his side project She Killed In Ecstasy, sleeping is the only hobby he has time for. Drawing inspiration from all that is old school punk, 70’s funk, 80’s synth pop, vintage psychedelia, obscure cult films and B-movies; he’s hopelessly condemned to a tireless existence of corrupting unsuspecting minds with his own brand of sweet, soothing, schizophrenic mood music.

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