Likes: Long walks on the beach…!!

Dislikes: Foolishness and unreasonable behavior.

Favorite Food: Wiener Schnitzerl

Favorite Quote: And the Oscar for best original score goes to (…drum roll…) Casual-T!!

Despite his handsome exterior and dashing good looks, Casual-T is an unpretentious, hilariously humorous, utterly witty, and, believe it or not, quite accessible guy.  In case you don’t believe me… Well, just ask him yourself. He’ll give you an honest and unbiased answer, for sure!! 😉 Coming from a diverse musical background spanning the spectrum from classical music to hip-hop, broadway musicals to rock, gospel choirs to big band, Casual-T has been active as a drummer for over 30 years.  As a composer/producer his music can be heard on television sets and movie screens around the world. Having always been fascinated by the emotional interaction between music and moving pictures Casual-T focuses on writing music for film, combining his love for composing and storytelling.

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