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Likes: weird things

Dislikes: cooking

Favorite Food: Rice Pudding

Favorite Quote: “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” – Franz Kafka

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Cali started to play as a flutist in the orchestra since she was 10. She turned her musical interest to rock & pop when she was in high school, and she learned to play the guitar as well as pop song arranging.None of these experiences strike her mind as an idea to become a composer, until when she started her college as a theater and drama major, where there are a lot of opportunities to write music for theaters. Having all the diverse musical experiences , she quickly found her talent and passion in scoring and has worked with different kinds of visual materials since then, including plays, short films, commercials, exhibitions, musicals and dance choreography. She was honored to be chosen as a John Nordstrom scholarship receiver and started her screen scoring master program in USC as well as her adventure in L.A. since 2017. Cali’s compositions cover a variety of genres from orchestral scores to industrial / electronic sound design, and she is keen on learning new possibilities of creative music writing.

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